A hidden treasure in the middle of nowhere

The venue of T3UXW18 is located in the middle of nowhere.  There you can simply ease from bothering noises and stressful environment. Only surrounded by forests, the hotel resides in the Nature Park Harz, which is famous for its landscape and world heritage Upper Harz Water Regale.


The Hotel

The hotel offers big grounds with a variety of equipment and a peaceful atmosphere. It has 71 rooms, one panorama restaurant, a terrace, one saloon and a beer garden. There is also a lot of leisure and sport establishment available for you.

Your Rooms

Every room, lovely and comfortable furnished, is stocked with technical equipment like TV and telephone. Of course your chamber contains a bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

Working Area

The working area, specially reserved for T3UXW people, goes on in two meeting rooms, the saloon and the Bahnstübchen, a kind of a pub. In the evening the saloon and the Bahnstübchen open for everyone again.

Recreation Area

In your free time you can do many activities. You are allowed to use sauna, swimming pool, bowling alley, table tennis/football, miniature golf, boccia alley, beach volleyball court, football ground, adventure playground and children play room with a Wii.


By Car

There are 3 relevant highways (A7, A38, A395) depending on the direction you are coming from.

For people coming in via Hannover or Kassel A7 will be the way to go. People coming from the South should take exit Northeim and then head to Clausthal-Zellerfeld via Osterode. L517 will be on ther other end of CLZ, so you should follow the main street to Zellerfeld. Coming from the North you should take exit Seesen and then head to Clausthal-Zellerfeld via Bad Grund. To get to L517 you have to turn left when hitting the main street in Zellerfeld.

Coming from the East you got two options, either take A38 up to A7, head to Hannover and then follow the instructions for those coming from the South, or take A395 from Braunschweig and then B6 to Goslar. Leave it at exit Oker and then take B498 heading to Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld via Okertalsperre. L517 will be straight ahead, when B498 is turning left over a bridge.

From CLZ or Okertalsperre you should take L517 to Schulenberg. Coming from CLZ the small street to Festenburg will be on the left shortly after you left Zellerfeld. Coming from Okertalsperre you will pass Schulenberg and follow the road to CLZ. The small street to Festenburg will be on the right shortly after you passed Oberschulenberg.

By Train

There are several major trains stations in the surroundings of the Upper Harz, which are Hannover, Hildesheim, Braunschweig or Göttingen. Each of them is connected via ICE.

In any case you should try to get a connecting train to Goslar, since the rest of the connections via Osterode or Seesen is questionable and will take a lot more time to go. Especially people coming via Göttingen should consider taking a shuttle instead, since it will be way faster.

From Goslar station there is a bus to Clausthal-Zellerfeld which is going every hour. You should leave it at the central bus station (ZOB) where we will pick you up.

Together with the management of the hotel we will try to provide shuttles from Göttingen and Goslar, but this requires some time management, so please get in contact with Petra if you want to be picked up there. Picking up people directly in CLZ will be no big deal, since the hotel is just a few kilometers away. And of course it would be nice if people who come by car considered to help us with the shuttle service.

By Plane

There are 3 airports in the surroundings of the Upper Harz, which are Hannover, Kassel and Erfurt. Of course there are major airports like Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin as well, but you should be aware that it will be up to 3 additional hours to go.

Since Erfurt and Kassel do not provide the best connection via train, the recommended Airport would be Hannover. From there you should either take trains as described in the "By Train" section, or try to get someone of the people coming from the north, who could pick you up by car.

Anyway, since the budget we got is not that high, you should only consider taking the plane, when there is absolutely no other option to get to the location within an acceptable time frame (i.e. poeple coming from overseas or European countries, which are no direct neighbours of Germany) - still we want to make it possible by sharing the average amount we have been granted for travelling costs.