Frequently asked questions

Anything you need to know about the TYPO3 User eXperience Week

Can I get a single room?

Usually most of the T3A budgets are calculated based on double room prices, so expect to share a room with another participant. Still you can get a single room if necessary, since we usually will have booked some in advance for special circumstances, like people getting ill or being heavy snorers. Last time there was just one attendant, who asked for a single room though. So please consider this to be the exception to the rule.

Is there WiFi all over the place?

Considering the fact that the location is literally in the middle of nowhere, the WiFi is working quite well. But usually you will have to be inside the building to have a proper connection. Since there are still quite some smokers amongst the participants and it will be really cold outside, we are trying to provide a kind of tent though, which might be equipped with a WiFi access point as well. But this is not fully settled yet.

Are mobile phones working properly?

Since the concept is about being in the middle of nowhere with a minimum of distraction, don't expect a perfect LTE connection. Our experience of 2014, 2015 and 2016 is, that depending on the exact position Vodafone worked quite well, followed by Telekom. O2 and Eplus were more or less unavailable. So consider to inform your clients that you will be possibly connected via WiFi only.

What happens after T3UXW?

The goal is to form teams at T3UXW, that will keep on working on different tasks even after the event. We will do some prototypes during T3UXW, but of course there will be things, that take more than just a week to finish.

So hopefully you will be available not just for the event. Ideally you might join one of the official teams later on. The TYPO3 project will always need help in a lot of different areas.

Is it international?

Yes - as most of the official TYPO3 events, T3UXW is international as well. We already are in contact with people from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Netherlands and the USA. Still there are enough places left to involve people from even more different countries.

There is just one thing we expect: You should be able to communicate in English.

Isn't it invitational?

Some people thought that the event was by invitation only, which is why they did not apply yet. Actually it's just the contrary:

We are inviting everybody to join us, but due to the limited number of positions there might be too many applicants. Only in this case we will try to form well-adjusted teams and inform those who can not participate.

What do I have to pay?

Some people asked, what they would have to pay to get a job at T3UXW. The answer is: Nothing at all, just convince us, that you are the right person for the job! But of course you might consider sponsoring yourself.

The whole event is covered by budgets of the TYPO3 association and sponsoring. So we will take care of accomodation and catering. The only thing you have to advance money for, will be your travelling costs. But you will get a reimbursement after the event.

Will I be paid then?

Some people asked, if there will be paid work for T3UXW attendees. The answer is: Unfortunately not.

Since the budget is limited and TYPO3 is still an Open Source project, there are no plans to have paid work time. Still we have some budget of the THEME Packages crowd funding, which we might use to buy official licenses for ready made bootstrap templates.

Am I talented enough?

Some people told us, they think they might not be good enough to join a team at T3UXW and only the most talented people should actually join. It is just the other way around. We hope that the event is good enough for you!

But actually we don't care about any kind of ranking. The only points that matter are, that you are passionate enough to provide us with a week of your precious time and that you get things done, that you applied for.

What if I can not code?

Since the focus of T3UXW is on user experience, distributions and themes, we will need less coders than most of the other TYPO3 sprints.

Instead we will highly appreciate designers, copy writers and people who are actually working with CMS or Neos without deeper knowledge about the code under the hood. One of the subjects of the event is Diversity, which is why we would like to see more than the usual suspects there.

Can I join remotely?

In case you won't find the time to join us in Festenburg, you can still participate in T3UXW. We already opened a channel on so you should make sure to have an account there.

Additionally the project managers will have the job to stay in close contact with the community. They will show you the progress of their teams and will appreciate any kind of feedback. So if one of the tasks is something for you, feel free to contact us.